Unified Business Communications Systems With VirtualPBX

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Are you looking for a way to combine phone, electronic facsimile, and teleconference services into one convenient package?

VirtualPBX has unified communications services designed for small businesses, up to large enterprises.

VirtualPBX is easy to set up, fully configurable, and an expandable enterprise communications service, which you can set up in minutes. And if you need any assistance, they have an excellent technical support team dedicated to help you to get things ready.

VirtualPBX allows you to create a customizable auto attendant menu, which is configured to work with your business’ hours.

Especially in this time of remote work, creating a versatile communications framework for your business which can provide the flexibility to be utilized from anywhere in the world is vitally important. VirtualPBX supports adding a soft phone to your cell phone, to keep you connected to your business phone calls, as well as a number of other phone device options.

VirtualPBX allows you to receive facsimiles directly to your email from either a dedicated facsimile phone number, or a facsimile extension. Similarly, you can create a conference bridge to host conference calls, and set up so that any users who need to host a conference call have their own personal meeting rooms on the conference bridge.

VirtualPBX allows you to customize your setup to your personal needs for your business.

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WordPress Themes, Plug-Ins And Tools

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Whether you are hosting with a Managed WordPress, cPanel (Unix), Plesk (Windows), Business, VPS, or Dedicated Server, searching for the plug-ins and themes to create the site that you desire can get daunting. This resource will hopefully help you to find a wide-variety of plug-ins, themes, and other WordPress services to make your web site stand apart.

  • AppSumo: AppSumo provides a number of limited-time special offers which can help you to improve your WordPress web site.
  • iThemes: iThemes specializes in offering a suite of premium themes, plug-ins, and other tools for WordPress.
  • WPMU Dev: WPMU Dev features a suite of premium plug-ins and tools for WordPress.
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Creating A Drop Ship Store With Managed WordPress

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You can quickly create an ecommerce store with Managed WordPress services from GoHosting.org. GoHosting.org features an Ecommerce plan for Managed WordPress which automates the process of setting up an ecommerce store in WordPress and the SSL Certificate, this guide will walk you through the process of creating an ecommerce store manually.

WordPress is built on a number of plugins which allow you to expand WordPress, including to add a full-featured online store. WordPress even makes it easy to create mobile ecommerce stores that are accessible via both computers and phone and tablet browsers.

In addition to Managed WordPress, for an ecommerce store, you'll want to add an SSL Certificate.

WooCommerce is a versatile plugin from the makers of WordPress which creates ecommerce stores which can sell everything from site memberships, digital goods, and physical merchandise. Another key feature of WooCommerce, is the ability to be expanded to include a wide-range of payment providers and third-party Print-On-Demand and Drop Ship Fulfillment providers; allowing you to create products on demand and ship them directly to your customers when they order them.

Choosing a payment provider:

  • Square: Square allows you to accept payments in-person with mobile phone readers, online, and manual processing.
  • Stripe: Stripe allows you to accept credit card and automated clearing house check payments via web checkout.
  • PayPal: PayPal allows you to accept bank, debit or credit card account payments via web checkout.

Choosing a products provider:

  • Printful: Printful provides Print-On-Demand clothing, and more that can be customized by print or embroidery.
  • Spocket: Spocket is a drop-shipping marketplace with new products being regularly added.
  • Gooten: Gooten provides Print-On-Demand clothing, art, household and more that can be customized by print with your designs.


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CyberLink Director Suite 365

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Director Suite 365 – Complete Video & Photo Editing is a complete set of video and photo editing software which makes it quick and easy to make videos and photographs for your web site. Director Suite 365 includes NEW AudioDirector 10 – Audio Editing & Repair for Videos, NEW CyberLink ColorDirector 8 – Superior Color Grading for Videos, PhotoDirector 11 Ultra – Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners, PowerDirector 365 (US) – The Best Video Editing Software of 2019 , and the complete collections of plug-ins, music, special effects, filters, creative design packages, and more.

The best part about Director Suite 365, is that it is constantly updated to the newest full-featured applications for the life of your subscription to ensure that you have all of the latest tools and add-ons to make your web site’s creative dreams a reality.

First, Director Suite is powered by an easy to use Application Manager to keep your programs and add-ons up to date with notifications when new versions of the suite and packs of plug-ins, and add-ons are available.

AudioDirector includes artificial intelligent wind removal, punch and roll recording, restoration adjustment tools, multi-channel recording, and batch processing to edit and fix a wide-variety of common audio problems.

ColorDirector provides color correction and grading features to match colors taken from multiple devices, control color highlights, mid-tones, and shadows, and many other special effects to make your videos pop.

PhotoDirector provides a complete image editing, and optimization, plus it includes a multitude of artificial intelligent tools to deblur and style your photographs into works of art. PhotoDirector also includes powerful facial recognition features, and can take videos and create multiple exposure, motion still, and group photographs (How many times have you taken multiple group photos to try to sift through to find one photo that everyone was looking at the camera, smiling, and wasn’t blinking at the exact moment the photograph was being snapped? With PhotoDirector, it’s as simple as taking a short video clip, and taking the best face from everyone in the video, and voil√†, one group photograph that has everyone putting their best face forward.)

PowerDirector is a powerful video editor for anyone who is trying to share their videos, whether by YouTube, Instagram, or their web site, blog or vlog. Powerful motion graphics and titles, green screen features, powerful transitions, motion tracking to ensure that your videos clearly present live motion, and much more.

Director Suite 365 includes plenty of videos, tutorials and resources to assist you with getting the most out of the applications in Director Suite 365, without the long learning curve that a lot of tools take to learn.

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Save Up To 50% On Web Hosting Products

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Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a complete design system that includes a page builder plugin and a framework theme. If you’re a WordPress user, finally get complete control of your website. Our page builder plugin works with your existing website.
And Beaver Builder has incredible support to resolve any questions that you may have!

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Save Up To 50% On Select Domain Names

Find your address on the World Wide Web, and save up to 50% on select domain names, for a limited time.

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Special Promotion on Website Builder Plans

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